Pineapple Ghost Chili

Pineapple Ghost Chili

SKU: JM080005

Did we just put a jam on ice cream? Yup! It was out of this world. Just one of the many uses for this sweet with heat combo. Pineapples will make up the most of the sugar here but we add a little cinnamon and ginger and the surprise ingredient... a *pinch* of dried ghost chilis. Perfect amount of heat to warm your mouth while complimenting the pineapple and other sweet ingredients.


    These are not your basic jams. We offer organic when possible, and locally sourced ingredients. Each recipe was individually crafted with handpicked and specifically chosen ingredients that are tested before the public sale. They come in 8 oz airtight dishwasher safe containers. Please, reuse or recycle the jar. Jams are shelf-stable for 9-12 months, consume within 2 months of opening. Please refrigerate after opening.


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