Our Cakes

Made to Order


Wedding Cakes

Probably the most important cake you will ever order in your life. Not only does it represent this momentous occasion, but it is what all your guests will be talking about. Get a cake that everyone wished they had at their wedding.


Multi Tier Cakes

What is more showstopping than cake on top of cake, on top of cake, on top of more cake? If you have an idea or even an inspiration for what you want this multi-tiered cake to look like, book a session and let us make your imagination come to life.
Starting at $180 for two tiers.*


Single tier cakes

Some parties are smaller or more intimate, or you want to gift your friend a breathtaking cake as a gift. The single-tiered cake will be custom made and designed for your specific needs and will feed about 15-20 people, but we can adjust this depending on your needs.
Starting at $135*


Sheet cake

Everyone loves a good old-fashioned sheet cake. Perfect for office parties, or showers where you want to write a message for someone on the cake or even have their face or an image printed on it.
Starting at $100*


Fondant Cakes

Fondant cakes are specifically made to make cakes not even look like cakes anymore. Do you have an idea you want to see made into an edible cake? Fondant is the way to go. Book an appointment so we can discuss every detail.
Additional $35 per tier



These mini cakes are made with the same buttercream and flavors as our regular cakes, just miniature. bought by the dozen, they make great favors for a party. Kids especially love the cupcakes so get the cupcakes to match your regular cake for them so there is more cake for you!
$36 per dozen



Cakesicles are a fun twist on a traditional cake pop. Crafted in popsicle molds, cakesicles are a version of the ever-popular ice-cream treat with a hard shell surrounding a blend of cake and frosting. Larger than a cake pop, they are the dessert everyone needs a picture of with the caption “wait…that’s cake?!”
$42 per dozen



During World War I, Salvation Army workers would bring soldiers doughnuts and coffee in the trenches of France to cheer them up and remind them of home. There is something very comforting and reminiscent while eating these rings of batter and frosting. So, choose the flavor, choose the frosting pick the decoration. Get them for your friend or next event or let's be honest... get them for your next Sunday morning with coffee.
$34 per dozen

*set up a complimentary consultation to go over any additional or custom work you would like to be done.